• Geospatial
  • Local Search
  • Client
  • Turn-by-Turn
  • Deployment

deCarta's Geospatial Platform is built for scalable, global deployments

deCarta's products and services are built on the deCarta DDS Geospatial Platform, a field-proven platform that has powered some of the biggest location-based services around the world for over 15 years. deCarta Geospatial Platform provides the core functionality that allows application developers to implement location services using simple APIs.
  • Map rendering, geocoding, local search, routing and navigation
  • Access a wide variety of geospatial and non-geospatial data sources
  • Integrate proprietary content to build customized applications
  • Integrate with your systems at multiple levels including APIs, web services, and JavaScript.

High performance single-line search technology with the option to index custom content

L2 is a fully customizable geo search engine designed to emphasize your content, your brand and your business model.
  • Single-line search offers a better user interface
  • Indexing tools to fully integrate proprietary or custom content
  • Advanced search capabilities such as a POI near another POI or search along a road
  • Compatible with cloud services such as Amazon EC2

Next generation, global alternative to traditional Turn-by-Turn Navigation apps

Xplorer V8, deCarta's field tested navigation platform, offers automotive OEMs, fleet management service providers and mobile application developers a real-time voice-guided navigation service for both smartphones and tablets.
  • Offered as either a standalone white label navigation application or as discrete libraries for integration into custom applications
  • Libraries support mapping, navigation and local search
  • Based on routing technology proven over 15 years of routing form industry leading navigation services
  • Supported by deCarta's cloud-based off-board navigation servers

Build your location-based app in your platform of choice

The deCarta Maps APIs let application developers build high performance location services based on field-proven technologies:
  • Full set of APIs for maps, local search, routing, geocoding and other advanced LBS features
  • Native and HTML applications
  • Deploy across multiple mobile operating systems and browsers for mobile phones, tablets, desktops and other location-enabled devices

Same Technology, Different Deployment Options

deCarta’s location technology is available as either licensed software or as a hosted Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) depending on the needs of the customer. deCarta's Hosted Services provide all the elements of deCarta's mapping and location technology in a web-scale Platform as a Services (PaaS) offering. deCarta Software allows companies maximum flexibility in using custom map styles, unique map and POI data sets or in implementing special features that require deeper integration with customer data.